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Happy Together

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Locked and private. [14 Oct 2003|04:00pm]

¡Hola! Welcome to G&D Love - Happy Together the community for the supporters, believers -or whatever you want to call it- of the love relationship between Gael and Diego! Remember to read the information page. In case you are too lazy to do so, let me tell you that this is all in good fun. Gael and Diego have their private lives and that's how it should be, we just love to especulate about their relationship. No offense intended with this community, we love and admire both Gael and Diego, it's all just good old fun.

The membership of this group is closed and the posts are locked, which means you can't read or comment unless you are a member. Members, remember to log in before you check the community or you won't see the posts.

If you want to join go here and I'll get your request, otherwise I can't add you.
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